Here We Go

Alrighty, now my exams are over, we can get this show on the road!

First, let’s start with a bit more about me.  If we haven’t already met, hi!  I’m Chloe.  I’ve always loved making things, mostly because it gives my hands something to do other than fidget.  I started sewing when I was eight, and knitting when I was around nine.  More recently (in the past couple of years) I’ve learned how to crochet, discovered I’m actually quite good at it, and am mostly sticking with that at the moment (for reasons you can read about in a little bit).

I like making all sorts of other things, too – I bake, I collage, I paint very badly but have a lot of fun doing it, and often I’ll try making something crazy like a quilt, just because I never have before.  However, I seem to be going through a crochet phase at the moment.

The story starts a couple of years ago, when my mother, sister and I were visiting a little town in the middle of nowhere, where there happened to be a bookstore closing down (sad) which had an excellent sale on everything (happy!).  I’m a bit of a wordnerd, so we spent a lot of time in there, and one of the things my mother came out with was a book called ‘Granny Squares NOW’, because she wanted to teach herself how to crochet.

My mum still doesn’t know how to crochet (she does, however, knit excellently).  I kind of commandeered the book and ended up teaching MYSELF how to crochet, and it was a lot of fun and super easy once I got the hang of it, and I haven’t really stopped since.  I also taught a few friends how to crochet, and am in the process of helping my younger sister learn how to make crocheted condoms for a body of artwork she’s doing at school (more on that story as it unfolds).

My current project is also crocheted.  A dear friend of mine is getting married soon, and as a wedding gift I’m crocheting her a nice, big blanket.  The deadline is looming soon, so at the moment I’m pretty much taking yarn and hook with me wherever I go.  In the next couple of days, I plan to steal borrow my mum’s camera, which is far superior to mine, and take a few photos to give you guys a better idea of how that all looks.  Exciting!


Hi! Hello! Down here!


My name is Chloe, and I make things.  I love to make things.  I decided to start this blog because of ‘Why Not’, and also because of ‘Fun ™’.  If you like to make things as well, then we’re going to have some fun.  If you don’t like to make things, or you’re not sure, or you’ve never tried to make anything, or you just like looking, then we’re still going to have some fun, because looking can be just as enjoyable as making.  Soon, I hope, you’ll be able to find lots of lovely handmade inspiration staring out at you from this page.  Until then, have fun, and happy making!